Weekly Highlights



Friday 12/14   
6 Clifford brings a box of crackers
5:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Posada Party - gym


Monday 12/17  
2:30 Dismissal
7th Rolfes brings package of pasta

Tuesday 12/18   
8:45 Reconciliation  -  8th grade Mrs. Schorg
STARS Assembly (following Reconciliation)
8th grade Mrs. Schorg brings spaghetti sauce

Wednesday 12/19  
Kiddie Crusaders dropped off at Sacred Heart in the morning
Bused back to CYO at 1:00
8th grade Mrs. Schultz brings can of chicken noodle soup

Thursday 12/20 
Normal Day
Preschool Mrs. Petty brings a can of tomato soup
Preschool Miss Sloniker brings a can of corn
Resource Teachers bring a can of mixed vegetables
Office and kitchen staff bring a can of carrots
Classroom teachers bring a can of green beans

Friday, 21/21 
No Lunch
No Beyond the Bell
Buses will run

                                       MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday 1/3 
Classes resume
Begin 3rd Quarter
2nd quarter grades posted  to portal 

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You can then click on Infinite Campus is listed in Quick Links on our website homepage bishopheelan.org. You will need a personal code to set up your account. Please call Sacred Heart at 233-1624 for help.

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