Dual Language Program-FAQ's

What are the program goals?

Four Pillars of Achievement

Strong Catholic Values

Prayer, education, service to others  


Understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and English

Academic Excellence

Multitask, adjust quickly to change, maintain focus, and develop creativity

Cultural Awareness

Accept, value, and respect other cultures

How much classroom instruction is in Spanish or English?

Starting at the preschool level, classroom instruction will be 90% Spanish and 10% English.  This will change by 10% annually (see graph below).

graph All students will be supported in their language learning through a wide variety of strategies.  Teachers will create a comfortable, safe learning environment by using songs, pictures, charts, hand gestures, physical movement, and routines to help students learn.  

What does an ideal dual language classroom look like?

The ideal classroom ratio of students is 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers.  This creates a classroom environment where both languages are well represented and supported. All dual language teachers are bilingual and students are with the same teacher the entire school year.  

Which grade levels are included?  
  • Preschool and kindergarten enrollment is open for this fall, 2019-20 school year.  
  • Each year one grade will be added to our program until the Dual Language Academy has grades preschool through fifth grade.
  • As students move on to middle and high school, the Dual Language Academy Pillars of Achievement will be supported.  

Where is the Dual Language Academy located?

CYOThis fall the Dual Language Academy begins with a preschool and kindergarten classroom located at the Heelan CYO Center, 1102 Grandview, just across the street from Heelan High School.

Epiphany Center,

The following year, in 2020, kindergarten and first grade will move just up the road to the Epiphany Center, 1000 Douglas Street, across the street from Cathedral church. Parent Involvement  

Do I need to speak Spanish and English in order for my child to be in the program?

  • Parents who enroll their children in the dual language program do not need to be bilingual.  Literacy skills transfer from one language to another.  Reading with your children in English will support literacy growth in Spanish, and the other way around.
  • Communication home will always be in both English and Spanish.
  • Parents will learn ways to support their children’s growth at home.
  • Parents will have opportunities to help build a culturally aware school community.  

Why is commitment to the program essential?  

Upon entering the Dual Language Academy, we ask parents to be committed to participating in this program through its entirety.  We take this commitment seriously because it ensures the best results for your learner. Language learning is achieved through years of practice, hard work, and dedication. Student success is greatest with program dedication. After second grade, no new students will be allowed into the program unless they have had dual language schooling elsewhere.