Education Overview

Our Dual Language Academy began with a preschool and kindergarten classroom at the Heelan CYO in 2019. The following year our kindergarten and first grade moved to the Epiphany Center, 1000 Douglas Street. One grade level is added annually until there is a preschool through fifth grade class. Biliteracy support will be provided throughout Heelan schools grades 6-12.

Four Pillars of Achievement
Strong, Catholic Values
Prayer, education, and service to others

Cultural Awareness

Accept, value, and respect other cultures

Understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish and English

Academic Excellence
Multitask, adjust quickly to change, maintain focus, and develop creativity

Program Model
The ideal classroom ration of students is 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers. Classroom instruction will be 90% Spanish and 10% English in preschool, with changing 10% to English annually until 3rd grade where instruction will be 50/50. Students are with the same bilingual teacher the entire day. 

Why Dual Language?
Research shows many benefits:
• Ability to communicate in two languages
• Expanded job opportunities in the global world
• Increased creativity
• Broader perspective of the world and other cultures
• Deeper understanding of sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar of both languages

Parent Group
The Dual Language Parent Group invites parents to get involved by supporting our teachers, staff, and students. Our Parent Group meets monthly, provides a great opportunity to connect with other parents and support the school.

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