Ten Percent of Heelan 2017 Class Scores 30 or Higher on ACT

Heelan ACT Scores Above Local, State, National Averages
Posted on 09/19/2017
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The average ACT composite score for Bishop Heelan Catholic High School’s 2017 graduating class was 22.8. In the class 95% of Heelan's 127 students - took the ACT Exam, so the test pool was both diverse and comprehensive in nature.

"With the class of 2017 we are especially pleased that over 10 percent (13 of 127) of our senior graduates obtained a composite score of 30 or higher on the ACT," says Bob Geary, director of guidance.

The 2016 average score was 23.1. Our five-year average ACT composite average of 23.2 speaks to the consistency, rigor and quality of the Bishop Heelan academic curriculum, and also presents a challenging standard for each proceeding class to take on.

While the Bishop Heelan ACT numbers exceeded both state and national numbers and reflects well on the rigor and quality of our core academic product, we constantly strive to look at ways to enhance our educational product and give our young people the best opportunity to be successful in both the ACT exam and ultimately their post-secondary education.

With 95% of our graduates routinely proceeding to post-secondary education, standardized testing tools such as the ACT and SAT are important to our students; and we feel confident that by providing a rigorous core academic foundation we are giving our students the tools to find success on these exams.