Calling for Support of Education Grants

Support Will Help Catholic Schools
Posted on 02/08/2018

We are asking all BHCS parents to support Iowa legislation to set up Education Savings Grants (ESGs) to help parents choose the education they feel best suits their child. 

Education Savings Grants (ESGs) will allow parents who choose not to enroll their children in a public school to receive a deposit of public funds into a savings account set up by the state. This money could be used by parents for Catholic school tuition and other education expenses including tutoring. As proposed, funding would come from the state's general fund and would be separate from public school funding.

As proposed for the school year starting July 1, 2019, ESGs would be available for:

--pupils eligible to enroll in kindergarten
--pupils grade 1-12 who have attended a public school for the equivalent of the two immediately preceding semesters
--pupils who received an Education Savings Grant for the immediately preceding school year and is eligible to enroll in grade 1-12
Iowa has increased public school funding annually, while maintaining school choice programs.

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