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Legacy Campaign

Sustaining a Heelan Legacy

Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools is proud to launch our Legacy Campaign, a strategic initiative that focuses on securing the future of our institution and its most valuable assets: our teachers and our infrastructure.

At the core of the Legacy Campaign is an unwavering commitment to our dedicated teaching staff. By enhancing our teachers' compensation, we seek to attract and retain the best educators who are passionate about the BHCS mission.

Teacher Salary Endowment 

Funds raised will be dedicated to the endowment of salary increases for our teachers. We believe that well-compensated teachers are the cornerstone of quality education. By providing competitive salaries, we aim to attract and retain the best educators. 

New Heelan Building Fund 

The funds will eliminate the remaining bond of the NEW Heelan High School.

Your generous gift will be split: 
80% Teacher Salary Endowment
20% New Heelan Building Fund

There is more information at the bottom of this page.