Take the Heelan MLTF Quiz

Enjoy some Heelan Nostalgia with our MLTF Quiz

If you pay Iowa taxes you'll learn more about the power of a donation to the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation (MLTF) and its impact on our schools. People of all income levels donate. You just need to be a person who pays taxes in Iowa. Take this fun quiz and make a gift. You could be the winner of a batch of Laurie Dougherty’s chocolate chip cookies mailed or delivered!

1. Who exactly was Monsignor Lafferty?
  a. A priest who looked like an extra in a John Wayne Western
  b. A Heelan faculty member featured in the 1955 yearbook
  c. A Former Superintendent of Schools who championed education in the SC Diocese
  d. All of the above

2. What is the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation?
  a. A fundraiser to buy scores of “Walk Hand In Hand with Me”
  b. A non-profit group that supports Heelan football
  c. A Diocese program that raises funds for tuition grants and offers BIG Iowa tax benefits  
  d. A program that allows donors to choose the school they would like to support

3. What happens when I make my donation?
  a. Tom Betz will help sell your car
  b. You’ll get a pass from 318
  c. Beanie Cooper and Sr. Audrey will do the “Heelan honk” in heaven.
  d. You will receive a tax certificate that reduces your Iowa taxes by 75%
     (You will probably enjoy a federal tax deduction, too)

4. How do I know what my Iowa taxes are?
  a. Call Dennis Hirschman…he knows math.
  b. Find the pay stub from your first job in high school
  c. Ask Brendan Burchard. He was here when Msgr Lafferty taught at Heelan!
  d. Look at your Iowa tax line in your most recent pay check.

5. Who can help me decide the amount of my gift?
  a. Fr. Victor Ramaeker
  b. Fr. Merle Kollacsh
  c. Fr. Paul Eisele
  d. Your accountant or tax advisor

6. Who will benefit from my donation to the Monsignor Lafferty Tuition Foundation?
  a. Students who play on the playground at Mater Dei School.
  b. Kids who carry backpacks at Holy Cross School.
  c. Students who learn math and reading at Sacred Heart School.
  d. Teens who play sports, sing in the choir, and learn at Bishop Heelan High School
  e. All of the above

7. What Payment Can I Use Besides Writing a Check?
  a. 1 rolled-up uniform skirt and a polo shirt
  b. 3 favorite issues from the Heelan magazine drive
  c. 2 reserved slow dances from a CYO social
  d. Credit Card, Stock or Grain*

8. What is the deadline for my Gift?
  a. After you gobble your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes
  b. This Sunday when you pray and ask for God’s blessings 
  c. December 31, 2020
  d. All of the above.

(Call first. Credit card payments are accepted until a specific amount of tax credits are left. Grain must be donated following the guideline  HERE)

Questions: Call Janet Flanagan at BHCS 712-226-0414 
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