Heelan Auction 2018 Chair Couples

Auction Chair Couples

Meet our Chair Couples and the schools they represent -- the Vondraks, Nelsons, Pomersons and Pettys. They serve as champions of this year’s April 14 Heelan Auction “Moonlight Masquerade” at the Sioux City Convention Center. Our 2018 chair couples have supported past Auctions and have been giving us hands-on support since December of this year’s event.

Chris ’86 and Joni Vondrak: Bishop Heelan High School
Chris ’86 and Joni Vondrak are parents of Frank, a junior, Molly a freshman, Joe '17 and Emily '13. Chris works for the City of Sioux City field services and farms on the side with sheep, cattle and horses. Joni is a teacher with Sioux City Community Schools’ home school assistance program. The Vondrkas have built outstanding entrances, a western fence and Kentucky Derby starting gates, for past Heelan Auctions. This year they are hosting a guest sign-up Outdoor Harvest Party with other co-hosts at their home north of Stone State Park.

Dan ’92 and Kari Nelson: Holy Cross School
Dan and Kari are the parents of Gracie, a 2nd grader, and Addie a kindergartener, at Holy Cross School. As athletic trainer at Heelan for 18 years Dan has worked with some 2,000 Heelan student athletes. A dedicated volunteer and marketer of Holy Cross, Kari designs the Crusader Connection alumni magazine, BHCS brochures, annual fund mailings and a host of other materials. Kari has created a variety of Heelan Auction materials for six years, including this year’s event.

Tracy (Holcomb '88) and Andy Pomerson: Mater Dei School
Andy and Tracy are the parents of Vincent, an 8th grader. Andy is the maintenance manager at Scheels and Tracy is a dental assistant at Wheelock, Bursick Dentistry. Tracy has been a creative  volunteer who has solicited many gifts and developed a new feature, a "Gift Card Grab," for this year’s auction.

Mark ‘95 and Jenny (Feste ’96) Petty: Sacred Heart School:
Mark and Jenny are the parents of Luke, 8th grader, Jack an 7th grader and Bennet, a 2nd grader. Jenny is the lead preschool teacher at Sacred Heart’s Kiddie Crusaders, located in the Heelan CYO. Mark is the dean of enrollment at the University of South Dakota. Jenny is a big help with finding gifts for the Auction and the new "Heads and Tails Game" and Mark is helping us with our bidpal.net software.