PRIDE Performance

Summer Program Dates:
June 3 - Start of summer program
     June 3 - Aug. 1 
          - 7th - 12th Grade Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
          - Group times assigned starting at 6am to 10am (1hr 45min sessions)
          - Summer Break June 28 - July 7th.  No sessions of PRIDE Performance
          - 3rd - 6th Grade Every Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:30am 
          -  Questions contact PRIDE Performance Director Charlie Curran
          -  712-898-9603


Summer PRIDE Performance Camp Form

- Our Summer program provides 32 complete sessions of strength, speed and agility.  
- Session last approximately 1hr 45min.  (1hr for 3rd-6th grades)
- Times are assigned with students grouped with teammates that best push each other.  

Prideship program - Every Friday during summer, Time and place TBD


Through the years there has been one constant at the core of who we are. To some it was just a word on the back of a jersey. To the voices of the past, the breath of the present and the vision of the future it is what makes us one. PRIDE Performance!

Our PRIDE Performance program carries on that tradition in name and in everything we do.  Our program reach is wide developing a Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Faith for two-thirds of our student population.  Our program goals include developing young men and women of character and integrity. Instilling the importance of Teamwork. Striving for excellence through maximum effort and determination to develop stronger, quicker, faster, explosive, confident and mentally tougher student-athletes.  We aim to develop unity, commitment and discipline.

Our program is available to ALL Bishop Heelan students year around.  We provide structured workouts coached by certified staff.  These workouts include in-season, out of season, exercise science classes, team workouts, speed camps and summer workouts and camps. While our main group worked with during the school year is 9th – 12th grades we offer summer programs for 3rd through 8th grades.

Our program offers a leadership develop program we call “PRIDESHIP.”  Our PRIDESHIP goals are focused on developing our student-athletes from the shoulders up!  Developing leaders of strong faith and belief in our mission at Bishop Heelan is a big part of our PRIDE Performance program.  We take great PRIDE in sharing our gifts and talents with the community while developing leaders for tomorrow.  We aim to serve and serve others first.

For more information on our PRIDE Performance and PRIDESHIP programs contact Charlie Curran, PRIDE Performance Director.  712-898-9603


PRIDE History

PRIDE has long been a symbol 
that has united a community and been a "way of life" in the halls of Heelan for some 45 years. It is “Who we are.” As an acronym PRIDE that has come to symbolize Heelan and Heelan football in particular. Anywhere you go in Siouxland or around the state of Iowa, people associate the word PRIDE with Bishop Heelan.

The acronym PRIDE came to Heelan with the arrival of Head Football Coach and AD Beanie Cooper in 1969. Cooper used the acronym PRIDE to stand for:

P - Practice

R - Running

I - Initiative

D - Desire

E - Enthusiasm

With a new ruling on what could be put on the back of uniforms coming down in August of 2016, the Crusaders are no longer able to wear PRIDE on our jerseys. It marked the end of a 40 year tradition, but the use of PRIDE will certainly continue on at Heelan High School. While it may not say it on our jerseys anymore, the Crusaders will continue to honor the legacy of those who have gone before them.

PRIDE Performance

Program Goals

PRIDESHIP is our Leadership development program. 


Charlie Curran
PRIDE Performance Director
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach