2020-21 Tuition & Fees

Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools is proud to offer financial assistance to help our families afford a Catholic Education leading to a Lifetime Advantage.

Tuition varies according to family need. Use our Family Tuition Estimator below to obtain an estimate of your tuition costs not to exceed the full rate or fall below the minimum rate. If you need financial assistance, your tuition should equal about 7.5% of your total household income (Line 8b on Form 1040 of your current tax return). To be considered for financial assistance, all families must submit a financial assistance application by completing the online application at mytads.com

Questions? See our Tuition Estimator FAQ or

Contact: Laurie Dougherty, Director of Enrollment
Ph: 712-226-0416

GRADES          MINIMUM             FULL RATE
 *Preschool               $1,900  $3,650/$4,900 (*Instate/Out of State)
 Kindergarten/TK     $1,900  $4,900
 1-8  $1,900  $6,300
 9-12  $2,200  $8,450

Academic Fees          
 Grades K-12  $60.00 Technology Fee per Student
 Grades 9-12  $100.00 Activity Fee per Student