Parent Involvement

Do I need to speak Spanish and English for my child to be in the program?

Communication home will always be in both English and Spanish.    Throughout the school year, as an ongoing learning process, teachers will be in communication with parents about how they can support their children’s growth at home.      

Parents who enroll their children in the dual language program do not need to be bilingual. Parents will have opportunities to help build a culturally aware school community.      

Why is commitment to the program essential?  

Student success is greatest with program dedication. Upon entering the Dual Language Academy, we ask parents to be committed to participating in this program through its entirety.  We take this commitment seriously because it ensures the best results for your learner. Language learning is achieved through years of practice, hard work, and dedication. After second grade, no new students will be allowed into the program unless they have had dual language schooling elsewhere.
How can I support my child in Spanish if I only speak English?  

How can I support my child in English if I only speak Spanish?

Literacy skills transfer from one language to another!  

Some examples of literacy skills that are the same in Spanish and English are:   

• reading left to right remembering there are spaces between words understanding the difference between a word, a letter, and a number using the pictures in a story to help you understand talking about the content of the book 

Reading with your children in either English or Spanish will help them learn these early literacy skills which are universal and will transfer between the two languages.  

Other ways you can support their learning: Discuss and practice English/Spanish vocabulary sheets, which are based on topics students are learning in class. Listen to your child’s songs and books in Spanish and ask them explain to you what they are about. Have your child be your teacher and help you learn more Spanish or English.    Teachers will be in communication with you about more ways to support your child throughout the year.