Meet Our Teachers

Antonia Maria Carreño
Hello! I am thrilled to say this is mycarreno 28th year teaching. I grew up in Cartagena, Spain and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Valencia University in 1990. I have been teaching with a permanent post at the Infant and Primary Education School Ntra Sra de Los Dolores, Cartagena for 26 years where I have been the coordinator of various projects such as Health Promotion and Education, Ecological School Garden, Physical Activity and Sports Promotion Plan, as well as headteacher for the last 4 years.

I am excited to start my first year at the Dual Language Academy , teaching kindergarten when their young brains are more receptive to language learning. I feel very privileged to be joining this amazing project since I am firmly convinced of the benefits of a rich environment to provide a stimulating experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere where every child is unique.

I enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, swimming and taking long walks around the city with my family. I am really looking forward to meeting all of my students and colleagues and working with them this year!

Mayra Padilla
Hello!  I am a recent graduate of Briar Cliff University, majoring in  Elementary Education! I have lived here in Sioux City, Iowa my whole life. When I began mayraschool, I knew Spanish and began learning English as I went on. By second grade, I was already assisting my teacher in translating for my Spanish speaking classmates. I found it so rewarding being able to help my teacher and my classmates close that language barrier between one another.  

Bi-literacy is very important to me because it opens a whole new world of possibilities. By growing up in both my native culture plus U.S. culture, I have seen the best of both worlds! I have had the opportunity to meet more people and communicate with them more efficiently. Being fluent in a second language brings many benefits to students in their future. Not only do students develop additional cognitive skills, but they also develop social skills that allow them to interact better with others. Bilingualism gives students the opportunities to communicate with a greater range of people, become more culturally aware, and also provides future employment benefits.

 I am so excited to begin my first year at Sacred Heart! I love working with children because I learn new things every day through them. I love being able to help students achieve their full potential. It will be so rewarding to see how students grow academically while becoming bi-literate and practicing their Catholic values.

I love reading new books, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with my family, and traveling the world. My goal is to one day travel to all 50 states and to as many countries as possible!