Dual Language Academy

We are proud to offer a Dual Language Academy — where students will learn to read, write and speak in Spanish! It opened with a preschool and kindergarten in the Heelan CYO this year. and next year expands into the Epiphany Center. All children from the tri-state area are welcome to enroll. 

Education studies show that students who know two languages enjoy stronger academic success, a more stimulating school experience and growing future opportunities. The Heelan School System plans to expand the academy by adding classrooms for grades 1-5 in the Epiphany Center. 

Research shows that bilingual students:
•  Can better multitask 
•  Have a longer attention span
•  Adapt better to changes in an environment
•  Develop a positive global awareness
•  Enjoy more opportunities in college and careers

Our curriculum focuses on:
•  Biliteracy in Spanish and English
•  Academic excellence
•  Cultural awareness 
•  Strong Catholic values

Boston College Partnership
The new BHCS academy is offered in partnership with Boston College and its Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools. The program is grounded in research with leadership of Boston College faculty and other education experts to support Catholic school classrooms around the country. Learn more of their program at this website www.twins-cs.org

Our Bilingual Teachers
Preschool istaught by Mayra Padilla, a graduate of Briar Cliff University. Her students receive instruction in 90% Spanish. 

Kindergarten this year is taught by Antonia Maria Carreño, a teacher from Spain with 25 years of experience. Her students receive instruction in 80% Spanish. Learn more about our staff.

Learn more by contacting: 

Kate Connealy 712-233-1624 

Juanita Garcia 712-301-7500 in Spanish