Heelan Auction Chair Couples

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Our 2017 Auction Chair couples are dedicated parents with children attending Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools.

They represent the four schools that make up the Heelan system.

Jim and Kathy Verschoor, Heelan High School
Seth and Stephanie Schramm, Mater Dei School

Dr. Ryan and Tracy Meis, Sacred Heart School

Dr. Joe and Sheila Liewer, Holy Cross School

"Join us to for the best BHCS auction yet! We look forward to spending time with the awesome families of BHCS! Come toast a mint julip with us to the best school system in the area!"

Jim ’81 and Kathy Verschoor ’82 are Heelan grads, members of Blessed Sacrament Parish and parents of Natalie, a Heelan freshman, and Joseph, a Heelan 2015 grad now at Iowa State. Jim is Co-Owner of Tri-State Valuation and Consulting, and involved in Downtown Partners. Kathy is Instructional Coach at South Sioux City Middle School and is a TeamMates Mentor, a Food Bank Volunteer, Long Range Planning Committee Member and a Heelan parent volunteer. Both have helped their parish, Heelan show choir, soccer and more. Kathy serves on the BHCS academic committee and Jim on a parish committee. Jim’s parents and Kathy’s mother are Heelan grads.

Seth and Stephanie Schramm are Owners of Schramm Electric. In additionSeth is a member of the 185thAir National Guard. They are the parents of Carter, 8th grade, Jack, 4th grade and Bodee 2nd grade - Mater Dei

The three boys are involved in football, hockey, basketball, soccer and golf which keeps the Schramms busy! 
At their parish Church of the Nativity – Stephanie is the vice-chair of the parish council and chair of the youth activities committee.

Dr. Ryan and Tracy Meis are the parents of Elsy, a Heelan junior, and Sacred Heart students Levi, a 7th grader and Kenely a 6th grader. Ryan is an orthopedic surgeon with CNOS. He is a basketball and softball coach, is on the PRIDE Campaign cabinet and serves on the CNOS Foundation Board. Tracy is a school psychologist at ESU #!. She is involved in the PRIDE Campaign, the Sacred Heart Parent School Group, the Mercy 
Gala committee and is a board member of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Dr. Joe and Sheila Liewer are the parents of Sarah, a 2010 Heelan grad; Sam, a student at Iowa State; Emma, a senior at Heelan; Jacob, a 7th grader and Isaac, a 2nd grader both at Blessed Sacrament. Joe is the Medical Director of Emergency at Mercy Medical Center, serves on the Medical Executive Committee and is a member of the Briar Cliff University Board of Directors. When she is not running around with kids, Sheila has been a volunteer with the Mercy Gala and Mercy Gift Shop.